Radi - testdir "a light weight test director tool"

Radi Testdir is a test director tool implemented in Python. This tool is requires minimum simple operations by the user (Developer/Tester/Verifier) Unlike other test director tools. This tool also provides features like security using login/passwd authentication mechanism,generation of reports in a compatible form(csv file).

Radi is a light weight test director tool,best suitable for the scenarios like to store,view the test results for the image/builds with less effort. Radi supports configuring the test plan using the utility update config, updates test results for the newly created test image/build stores the test results in the image results set. image results set is set of images for the week. Image set results can be viewed from the view results utility. All the operations are only been done after login/passwd authentication mechanism.This tool is a viable alternative of maintaining the results in Spreadsheet

Design Specifications
Inview of Hetrogenious platform objective Python is choosen as scripting language and XML files are choosen as database object for initial version
- Python-cgi scripts to display the content to the user
- XML files are used to store the Data.
- Python scripts are used to access & update the xml files.
User Interface: Web interface
Components: web server,Browser,python, xml, py-cgi
Target Platform: Linux

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Requirement Specifications

Test Plan Configuration

+ Radi tesdir should be able to configure and store test plan
+ Test plan should be viewed
+ Test plan can be updated in the middle of testing
+ Test case id duplication should be displayed to the user with out testcase adding
+ Format test case configuration => testset,testcase descr,testcase id,req id

Test Results Updation

+ Radi testdir should be able to show the form to enter test results and observations
+ Default test case status should be 'Not Tested', options should be present to change to pass and fail
+ Provision to add a comment a part of the test status
+ Test status and comment could updated individually
+ Test status and comment s of individual image results displayed
+ Test status and comments of individual image results can be edited at later point
+ Image id should be able to generate automatically, also there should be provision to edit the automatic generated image id
+ Should show the old image ids of the images tested of the current week
+ Summary test results should be available
+ Format=> total pass,fail,notested,req pass %
+ Should be accessable by more than one user&able to update the test result info by more than one user
+ Default test case comment should be '-', for newly added test case it should be 'Newly added test case'

Display of Image results

+ Radi testdir should show the image set test results
+ Radi testdir should show the image test results summary
+ Summary format => total PASS, total FAIL, total Not Tested
+ Radi testdir should show the image set test results in the format
+ Format => testset,test descr,status,comment,status,comment
+ View results should point to the csv file
+ CSV results file should be available for download csv file format
test set, testdescr,status(image id),comment(imageid),status(image id),comment(imageid); summary PASS/FAIL/Not Tested
+ Csv file should be in compatible with spreadsheet applications

Login Authentication

+ Radi testdir should show login and logout page
+ Login and logout page should be accessed from all states of the application
+ Logout operation can be done accessed from all states of the application
+ Login operation can be done with appropriate credentials(login/passwd)


+ Able to backup user information,test plan,test results
+ Able to Import the user info,testplan,test results from a file
+ Able to Export the user info,testplan,test results to a file

User management

+ Able to add,delete,change the user configuration
+ Able to change password option for all the users
+ Able to Import/export option for admin user


+ Able to store the information about the Tested Entitiy like name
+ Radi testdir should show license information
+ Radi testdir should launch email client with help contact information
+ Help should be accessed from all states of the test dir
+ Radi testdir should point always link to the documentation
+ Radi testdir documentation should point to install steps
+ Radi testdir documentation should point to USAGE steps
+ Radi testdir should show Introduction page for all the features
+ Radi testdir should show Introduction page from all the states of the test director

Command line Interface

+ Able to add test cases from command line interface, plain text file as an input
+ Able to add test cases results from command line interface, plain text file as an input
+ Able to add test run from command line interface


Future Work: Full testdir features including test steps, requirement management is under planning stage

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